January 25, 2020

Things You Should Ask Your Escort Before Paying Her Online

The escort websites today have several services to offer, along with the mode of payment. While some escort agencies still like to take the money in cash, many have also switched to online payments. If you are paying for a service with your credit card, it is necessary that you make sure that everything is checked before you make the payment. There are plenty of fake escort websites which make money by scamming people for the thing they desire the most. We cannot stop such websites from popping up, but we can always take the necessary steps to avoid falling for their tricks and choose from a legit escort website. As the online payments are prepaid, here is what you should clear out with the agency before you make any online payments.

Contact details of the escort

When you choose an escort, you should be provided with her name and number so that you can call her up and discuss your demands and the price. Even if you are approached by an agent and not the escort directly, you can ask the agent for her number. If the agent tells you anything other than providing the details, there is something wrong with this deal. You can simply say no, and try for some other agency.

Ask her to prove her identity

Many times, the clients have faced the problem of paying for someone and meeting someone else. Some escort agencies try to adjust their escorts with the pictures of desirable models. Once the payment is made, the client cannot help but compromise on the deal. To avoid this scenario, call the escort and ask her to send you a picture while holding a note which has your name. If the escort does that in a moment, she is legit, and you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, you will have to deal with a stranger lady at your doorstep claiming to be the one you hired.

Her price

Once you have the person confirmed, you can ask for the services she offers and the price for it. You should know that if you hire a high-class escort, the prices will also be high and you cannot expect to low ball them. Make sure that you make everything clear on the price and services, so you do not have to repeat is again.

Duration of service

Do not forget to find out the limit of the time at one session. You might get disappointed later thinking that she is leaving early when it is actually her time to leave. Ask about the types of sessions she offers. Good escorts provide the best services in their duration of time and leave immediately when the time is up. To know when you are ready to let her go, you need to ask for the time limit in advance so you can book a session for how long you want to enjoy time with her.

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